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Golden Touch Massage



I agree to the cancellation policy. If I am unable to keep my appointment, I will give 24 hours notice to ensure myself from getting charged for my scheduled appointment. I understand If I give less than 24 hours and GTM staff is unable to fill my appointment spot,  I will be charged half the value of my scheduled appointment. ONLY EXCEPTION -evacuate due to weather conditions.
I understand that the confirmation call is simply a reminder call and it is my responsibility to cancel according to the 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid cancellation charges.

I agree to the late policy. I understand to show up for my appointments 5 to 10 minutes early to assure the full scheduled time€ to be therapist hands on time. If I am late for my appointment my therapist will have to finish at the scheduled time in consideration for the next client arrival and will still be responsible for payment in full for scheduled appointment time. If You have to reduce your scheduled time prior to giving a 24 hour notice, you will still be responsible for the full scheduled appointment fees.

1) I understand If I do not show up for my appointment without any notice,  my gift certificate will be voided. 
2)If I do not give a 24 hour notice my gift certificate will depreciate half the amount of my appointment fees. 
3) I understand GTM does not accept expired gift certificates. I have 5 months to use my GC. If GC is donated you have 3 months. Be sure to call to schedule your appointment at least one month BEFORE GC expires. 
To ensure efficient service we must have, for example, all Christmas used before Valentines and Mothers Day (I.e. other holidays roll in.) So please schedule in a timely manner.
4) All GC€™s are final sale and can not be returned for a cash refund. 
5) If you want to re-gift a GC please keep in mind the purchased price and expired dates will remain the same as the day purchased.